Experienced real estate lawyers at fixed affordable rates – nationwide

We don’t want to scare you off with surprisingly high and hidden fees. Therefore, we offer real estate legal advice and guidance at a fixed low rate.

What does our legal advice include?

Our prices are always the total cost including VAT, and for that price you get a complete legal advice package, including deed of conveyance, land registration, and completion statement. All communication goes through either email or telephone – whenever it suits you.

Our real estate lawyers will guide you through your real estate purchase with great confidence and comfort. We utilise our experience and expert knowledge to thoroughly understand your situation and your documents in order to provide the best legal advice possible.

Do you really need us?

The real estate agent is 100 % committed as a representative of the selling part, and it is therefore recommended that you hire an experienced real estate lawyer to provide yourself with impartial legal advice when you buy property. We often experience that parts of the agreement are opaque and vaguely described, which might cause you financial trouble later on.

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About Hviid Boligadvokater

Hviid Boligadvokater (Hviid real estate lawyers) specialise within all aspects of real estate, including legal advice in regard to purchase and sale of property.

We are a team of experienced and competent real estate lawyers, who on a yearly basis are involved in many purchases and sales of property. We are aware of all potential pitfalls, and we are as lawyers subjected to the ethical rules of Advokatsamfundet. We also have a statutory liability insurance at Codan A/S, up to 10.000.000 DKK, for your safety if we were to make an unexpected mistake.

Our service is offered nationwide, and we gladly assist you regardless of where you live.

Nationwide real estate lawyers

We have branches all over Denmark, so whether you live east or west, we can help and support you through your real estate purchase. All communication goes through email or phone.

Remember to note a special clause – advokatforbehold

Before signing any documents, we recommend that you add an advokatforbehold to the deal. An advokatforbehold is a clause that renders the contract invalid until it’s approved by a lawyer. We recommend the following phrasing: “Købers underskrift på denne købsaftale er betinget af, at købers advokat kan godkende handlen i dens helhed”.

Urgent legal advising?

Are you just about to sign a contract of sale? We have great experience in providing urgent legal advising as real estate lawyers. If the timing is crucial, please fill in the above standing form.

On working days, we will get back to you within 15 minutes of the notification – and we are often available to start the case on the same day. Don’t miss out on your dream property. We are ready to serve as your personal real estate lawyer.

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